Wet Biker Pits

Models: Christop

Christop is a cyclist who rode 15 miles on his bike today. His pits are ripe and wet and he's horny as fuck. He shows off his sweaty hairy pits and then lets the cameraman pull on his pit hair. It makes Christop hard as a rock as he beats his big hairy 8 inch cock. Christop cums a big pent up load in his bushy black pubes and then rubs it in and even puts some in his already sweaty pits.

Christop is good and smelly and covered in jizz so he hops in the shower and lathers up. He gets his naughty bits clean before he gets out and towels off. He gets his pits and pubes nice and dry and then carefully and liberally applies a white stick deodorant for that nice new fresh feeling!

Tags: Armpit fun, Armpit sniff, big cock, Bush

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