Skinny and Hung

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Adam Moon is nearly perfect in every way. He's thin, perfectly toned, has the right amount of hair on his body, and has a couple of great tats! We were pleased to see what he was packing in his loose fitting shorts and even more pleased to see how good he was with working his crotch! Adam watches some porn a bit before the pants come off to reveal his tight fitting underwear. One of his balls pokes out a bit and sticks to his leg while he works his cock through his undies. As he works it, you can see it grow bigger and harder under the fabric. Adam finally pulls his thick, raging boner out for some air and works the shaft long and hard. His thick, black pubes round out the base of his perfect dick and balls. His work with his dick is nearly matched by his accomplishments with his nipples. Adam rubs and tugs his nipples as his head goes back, his toes curl, and his mouth drops open. One or two final tugs an bam! Like a meat volcano slowly oozing its pure white lava, his dick spreads its love to his pubes and hands and makes a sticky, awesome mess! Luckily for our cleaning crew, Adam only made a mess of himself and not the floor. That's an easy one to fix....just shower or lick it off!