A Surfer and His Pits

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Tyler is a shaggy surfer who's got great armpits and nice chest and arms. He likes his beer though so his washboard abs are a little hidden under his beach bum lifestyle. Tyler admits that he doesn't care if he's with a man or a woman and mostly enjoys getting head when he's with someone. Tyler starts by standing up and whipping out his dick. He's hard in no time. His pubes are trimmed but he leaves a nice patch of hair to remind us that he's all man. He tries a few different positions standing and you can tell it feels great from the way he cocks his head and closes his eyes as he works his rod. He finally settles on lying down with his arm above his head to show off his beautiful hairy pit. Tyler warned us when he came in that he's a shooter. As his balls bounce around while he works his shaft, he moans to let us know he's about to cum. He backs off on the frenzied jacking to relax while his happy ending comes to fruition. He blasts a squirt up over his head and onto the sheet he's lying on as more and more jizz flies up onto his stomach and chest. He takes a taste and closes his eyes, happy to have gotten rid of his week long load!