I'm Crabby So Fuck Off!

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Michael is hunky fit dude with a nice patch of natural pubes. He's a man of few words and almost looks like he doesn't feel like pounding one out. Starting out, Michael rubs his dick through his pants and when it's nice and stiff, he slowly unbuttons his shirt and undoes his pants. Michael reaches in and plays with his cock through his tight, green undies and slowly peels them off. His nice hairy crotch and big balls are framed by his hairy legs and rugged hands. He squeezes his nuts hard while he pounds away, virtually emotionless, watching his beloved porn. He's a hottie with his nice thin body and tats, and he knows it too. Maybe that's where the dark shitty attitude comes from. Michael gets harder and hornier the more porn he watches. He loves watching cock on cock and guys taking it up the ass. Throughout this session, he asked us several times to back up a scene or to fast forward to the next so that he could watch a tight ass get plowed by big dick. Once the underwear comes off, Michael's hard cock almost gets pounded raw. It's a long hard-fought battle to the finish line for this hunk. He pounds and rubs and pulls his nutsack harder and rougher the closer he gets. Michael finally shows some emotion as his head goes back, his eyes close, and his entire body stiffens. He blasts his white steamy load all over his pubes and body as he shutters and groans with the ecstasy of letting the cum fly. He's good at this and has obviously done it more than once, but when he's done, he's done. He was ready to wipe up and get the hell out. That's a man's man's way of operating in the sack. Use 'em, cum, and get the fuck out! One thing is for sure: With his lack of enthusiasm for the task he undertook, it's obvious that Michael did this for the money and not the love of his cock. That's okay. It makes him that much more sexy and desirable!