Stud With Ginger Pubes

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Justin is a tatted up browned haired guy with ginger pubes and a ginger beard. He's officially the tallest of all of our hairy guys coming in a 6'7 and having a big 8 inch dick with some nice girth. Justin likes the ladies but that doesn't stop him from working his pole. He even admits that if there's a lady in the room he'll be more open to trying anything you can throw his way. (Meaning...suck my dick big guy?) Justin likes showing off and the fact that he has a camera in his face only makes him harder. Once his pants are off all bets are on the table. He works his meat hard and then decides to show how thick he is by comparing his cock to a water bottle. He jacks with the water bottle before shoving the tip up his ass. He leans his head back and lets the cum flow!