Cum In My Pits Please!

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Aiden and Dante don't bother with small talk. They just get right to the dirty business at hand (or hands). As they make out from the start, their paws are down each others' pants. Aiden's cock is out first, followed quickly by Dante's. Dante puts Aiden's dick in his mouth and licks and sucks the hairy shaggy twink. He works Aiden's sack hard with his tongue as he slurps and tugs each nut with his mouth and fingers. Aiden can't quit moaning from the tongue bath he's getting. His arms are above his head showing off his thick dark pit hair while the goth continues to service him. After a nice long blowjob, Dante's pants come off and he puts his big thigh high boots back on for his rough romp. He lays back as Aiden returns the bj favor and sucks the goth long and hard. Aiden mentioned to us that he doesn't like giving blowjobs. WTF? What gay man hates sucking dick? We put him to the test with Dante and he actually gives head for a nice long while. His topping instincts kick in though and before you know it his finger is deep inside the other twink. Dante begs for more, telling Aiden he needs his dick up his ass. Aiden rolls over and Dante hops on to ride his big hard dick. These two are really loud! They both scream and moan and grunt as Aiden sticks Dante deep. Dante gets on his hands and knees and Aiden does him from behind. Aiden grabs the goth's hair and bites his neck as he goes in and out of the twink hole. The grunting gets louder as the fucking gets rougher. Dante lays down and sticks his leg and boot high in the air. Aiden gets behind him and fucks the hell out of him from behind. They make out a bit more as they fuck. Aiden flips Dante over on his back and grabs hold of his boots as he does even more hardcore fucking while staring straight into the camera. He's fucking hard when he declares that he's going to cum. He pulls out and jerks his rod a bit longer before bathing Dante in cum. Dante is a cum whore and can't get enough. He lies back and basks in the glory of the cum that was just unleashed on him. He gets up and jacks off over the other twink. Aiden puts his arms high in the air and Dante sprays his thick white load all over the thick hairy pits below him. It's a tasty sight and Dante can't resist it. His tongue goes deep into Aiden's hairy pit and he licks up his own pure white twink cum. Both of them are sweaty and nasty and when he licks up the last of his own jizz, he leans down and gives Aiden a big sweaty, cummy kiss.