Holy Hairy Nutsacks!

Models: Richie Jacquelette

Richie is a hot, hairy, tatted, straight hipster with a bit of nerd in him. Behind his thick hip glasses, you'll find two deep pools of bright blue. When he looks at the camera you'll want to melt. He's never shaved and his pubes, stomach, chest and pits are all 100% naturally overgrown. He's not concerned about hitting the gym because he gets laid on a fairly regular basis without it.

Richie starts out rubbing himself through his tight black jeans. His hand goes in deep for its big hairy prize. It finds its destination and starts pumping. His belt and zipper open up as he whips his almost full cock out of his pants and underwear. Next his big glasses and his dingy t-shirt come off. He's getting super horny and he's getting more rushed with each piece of clothing. He can't get his big clunky boots or his jeans off fast enough.

When everything is off, he reveals a thick ocean of wild black pubes that reach down and engulf his tight nutsack. The pre-cum is already oozing out of his big tip. He bites his lip and keep rubbing his wet, shiny hard cock as his hairy balls
bounce in their sack. He tells us that he's a big pre-cummer and
sometimes he oozes in his pants and underwear when he gets horny.

He stops and plays with his clear pre-ejaculate and rubs it from his tip and onto his fingers. He rubs his eyes and laughs. He's holding back. It's been a few weeks since he's been laid and he can't wait to cum. Again, he bites his lip and closes his eyes as he starts to moan. He asks permission to cum and then blasts his thick black pubes with even thicker white jizz. It gels up in his crotch hair
and on his stomach as he takes some on his fingers and sticks it on his

Richie smiles, looks at the camera and evokes his own name to prove how tasty rich and creamy his cum actually is!

Tags: big cock, Bush, Dark pits, Dark pubes

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