White Trash in the Yard

Models: Adam Hess

Adam Hess is a toned hottie with gorgeous full pits that are framed by his sleek and well-defined biceps. He teases you by lifting his arms up over his head and giving himself a sniff and a lick before he gets naked to show off his full bush.

Adam rolls his pubes into horns above his uncut cock and big low-hanging sack and then gives his fingers a sniff. He gets fully hard and then jumps in the hot tub and continues the Lord's work.

When Adam is ready to bust his nut, he slathers his bush with sperm and then spreads it around getting his pubes all sticky and wet. He grabs his cum and smears it in his pits as he sniffs and licks and finishes up his hot and horny jackoff session!

Tags: Armpit lick, Dark pits, Jackoff, Lowhangers

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