A Dirty Mouth

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Noah starts out by rubbing the twitching bulge hiding in his pants. He leans back against the wall and sighs as he massages his growing cock. He undoes his pants and reveals a nice uncut dick hanging from a forest of untrimmed, untamed pubes and a set of great hairy balls. As he tenderizes his meat, and as his cock grows harder, you can see his foreskin getting tighter around the tip of his dick, almost strangling it! Noah's pants come completely off and he sits down to continue working it. He gets louder and shoves a finger up his asshole before he starts in with his dirty talk. "Lick my balls," he instructs. "C'mon. Fuck me," is his demand. The harder he gets, the dirtier his talk. And the dirtier the talk, the closer he gets to his goal. Noah's talking gives way to groans, which give way to moans and finally his uncut dick spits forth a fountain of man-juice all over his unshaved hairy pubes, drenching them in cum. His crotch is wet and slathered in cum as he finishes up and basks in his moment of juicy glory!