Worship That Bush!

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Ryan Cox is a pube worshiper who can't get enough of Joseph Banks under his tongue. Ryan starts off sucking Joseph's big dick and quickly moves his way up to sniff his dark hairy pit. The aroma is a slight man-scent after a shower in the morning and the day's regular activities until his blowjob in the early evening. Not wanting to pull himself away from Joseph's pit, Ryan reluctantly, yet eagerly works his way back down to Joseph's hairy crotch and gets to work worshiping his big hairy bush. Ryan is in heaven sucking on the thick dark pubes and making Joseph hard as a rock. Joseph takes over and jacks his thick rod up and down as Ryan sucks his hairy sack. The feel of Ryan's warm tongue on his balls sends Joseph over the edge to blast a load all over his own stomach. Not one to miss an opportunity, Ryan scrapes Joseph's semen into his bush and licks it up as he works his way back up to take a final whiff of Joseph's amazing pit.