Big Balled Swede

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Stop in for a sniff of Kode's pits. He's a Swede with blonde hair and dark pits who likes to trim his pubes. His balls are massive and even though he trims a little too much, his pubes are close to the skin and show up like a bat 'outta hell on camera. Off camera, I got a whiff of his pits, and let me tell you...he doesn't wear deodorant. It's a great smell. The kind that will give you an instant hard-on. A man who took a shower this morning, then went about his day running casual errands. It's hot in LA right now. He walked to the post office, walked through the heat to a coffee shop for something iced, walked to the gym, did a light workout, and then came to the studio about 10 hours after he showered. That's how amazing and natural he was. Nothing too heavy. In fact you couldn't smell him until you stick your face deep into his amazing armpits. Enjoy this one...I know I did.