Hairy Sloppy Balls

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Maxx Stoner can't wait to get into Tristan Mathew's pants to see what he's sporting underneath. To Maxx's delight, Tristan whips out his big hairy cock and shows off his fuzzy ballsack which Maxx promptly gets into his mouth. Maxx gags and coughs and slobbers all over Tristan's dark thick thatch of pubes and lets his spit run down Tristan's pulsating shaft. There's so much slobber that it drips off Tristan's hairy nuts and pools up on the floor as Maxx keeps a steady rhythm working for his reward. Tristan throws his hairy ripe pit up over his head and throws his head back when he's ready to blow. Tristan gives out a sigh and grabs his dick to finish off, and as his thick white jizz runs down his hand, Maxx quickly gets into place to suck it all up. When he's done eating Tristan's cum, Maxx shoots his own load all over Tristan's black curly pubes. Maxx is still thirsty for cum and gets on his knees to clean Tristan's pubes with hungry tongue.