A Bushy Crown

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Dhaggur (pronounced Dagger) is a 21 year old drummer in a band. He's lean and toned and claims to be straight as an arrow. His cock is big, thick and uncut and when he grabs it at the base, the veins pop out the sides. He's a horny guy and he loves to show off his big veiny cock. He works his throbbing snake through his jeans, working the bulge with his magic fingers and down through his pocket. Look closely and you can see a hickey on his chest from having sex with a woman two days before. When his jeans come undone you can see that his pubes are virtually untouched. He's carefully shaven all parts of his balls and around his shaft, but he's left a nice giant bush at the top that crowns his tasty looking dick. The further the pants come down, the more of his uncut wonder you can see. It pops out of his jeans and flops down on its pillow made of pubes, resting oh so gently and waiting for a tug or two to wake up. Dhaggur is a vocal guy. All through his jackoff session you can hear him moaning and whispering things like "oh fuck yeah" and "shit this feels good"! He closes his eyes and lets his hands do the work as they squeeze the base of his dick and fondle his big balls. The more he squeezes, the more the veins pop out. He pulls his foreskin up and down over the tip of his cock and with a final moan and groan and one last "oh fuck" he lets the cum fly. It squirts out and up onto his stomach and drenches his pubes. His big hairy bush is covered in white splooge and it hangs in his pubes like a thick fog covering a jungle. And what a lip smacking fog it is! He rubs his own semen into his white skin, moans and groans a bit more, and then licks his hands clean!