Armpit Cum Goblet

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Maxx Stoner is thirsty and what's the best way to quench your thirst on a hot day? Make your own COCKtail, of course! Maxx sniffs his own ripe pits and teases the camera with a glimpse of his bushy black pubes before he pulls out his cock and gets to work. He pumps his dick until he's close to blasting a load and then reaches for a wine glass and shoots inside. His cum is thick and milky and coats the sides as it runs down to the center of the glass. He plays with his own jizz, rocking it back and forth in the goblet like a nice glass of wine before he slowly pours it into his hairy pit. The thick cum runs down his armpit and towards his nipples, leaving this horny dude drenched in his own tasty cum.