B Nefarious

B Nefarious
Height: 5'10
Age: 27
Sign: Scorpio
Pits: whispy
Pubes: shaved
Sex Activity: anything goes
Orientation: whatever
Relstatus: unknown
Cock: 7.5 with a scar on the head
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
interests: metal, Mexican food, beer, dancing, carpentry, science fiction
Bio: B Nefarious is a full on rocker dude who likes old school heavy metal. He's a handful both in bed and in every day life. He's into almost anything sexually and doesn't care if he's with a man or a woman or anything in between. He likes taking it up the ass and loves to face fuck other tatted dudes. When he's not face fucking or taking a big stiff one, you can find him reading science fiction, watching movies of the same genre, and going out to his favorite Mexican restaurants.

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